Why do I need to authorize the permissions for the Easypromos app in Instagram?

To be able to use the Instagram Giveaway app, the administrator needs to authorize the Easypromos app permissions so that the app can identify the Instagram account and this way show the posts from the account.

The administrator only has to authorize these permissions the first time the Instagram account is connected to the Easypromos platform, unless the authorization is revoked from the Instagram account.

The permissions that have to be authorized to connect to an Instagram account are:


  • Basic information: Allows the app to show a list of posts from the account
  • Friends list: Allows the app to see the followers of the account to validate if a participant in a giveaway is a follower of the account or not. We need this permission to be able to apply the rules of exclusion of participant.
  • Public content: Allows the app to read the public content posted by users in Instagram. We need this permission if your Instagram Giveaway is based on #hashtags.
  • Comments on photos: Allows the app to make a comments on a post on the account. We use this as a tool to make it easier for the administrator to announce the winners of the giveaway in a new comment on the post.
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