Tutorial: How to enable the Quiz Summary page

The Quiz Summary page will allow you to show users a new page with the details of their answers before registering their participation. This page will be shown after answering the last question of the quiz, just before accessing the registration form, and will show the summary of the user's answers to each of the questions.

In addition, the Summary page may include the "Restart" button, to give the user the option to answer the quiz again, before completing their participation in the promotion.


Note: The Summary Page is not available for quizzes with the Login system enabled.


To enable the Summary page, you must follow these steps:


1. Go to the promotion 'Editor':



2. Go to Pages > Quiz > and click on "Summary page" tab:



3. The option "Do you want to show the Summary page after the last question?" allows you to enable the Summary page and determine which users you want to show it:

  • To all participants.
  • Only to those who fail some question: This option is specially designed for Quizzes, when we want to let users repeat the quiz to correct their answers if they have been wrong in any of the questions.


4. Once enabled, you can configure how you want the Summary page to be presented through the following options:

1) Do you want to show the details of users' answers? You can decide to show only the detail of the answers or, additionally, also show the corrections so that users can see the answers they have failed.

2) Select buttons to show

  • Show only the "Continue" button to access the entry form. If you just want to show the result but not have the participants take the quiz/survey/test again.
  • Show only the "Restart" quiz button to take the quiz again. This is useful in a quiz where you only want the users who answer all questions correctly to be able to sign up. If in item 3 you choose to show the summary page "Only to those who fail some question", and then "Show only the Restart button", you will get that effect. When all questions are answered correctly, the participant will be taken directly to the entry form page.
  • Show both the "Continue" and the "Restart" buttons. If you want the users to have the option to choose whether they want to take the quiz/survey/test again or go to the entry form page.


3) Correct message / Incorrect message: This is the text that appears at the top of the Summary page, and you can configure two different message types.

  • Correct message: Only users who have correctly answered all the questions will see this message.
  • Incorrect message: Only users who have failed some of the questions will see this message.


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