FIXED - [Facebook bug] The tabs show an error message and not the promotion

[Update 06:00pm CET]: SOLVED

[Update 11:20am CET]: Bug fixed and ready to be deployed. Next minutes should be solved.

[Update 10:25am CET]: Facebook could confirm bug and it is already assigned so they are already working on it.


It’s due to a bug on Facebook that’s appearing since August 1 at 07:30am CET, that affects all apps.



The bug has already been reported to Facebook, and you can follow the evolution of the bug in this link.

We suppose that Facebook will handle the issue with medium to high priority and that it will be solved soon.

The temporary solution is:

  1. Hide the tab for now.
  2. Use the main link of the promotion. Instruction on how to get the link
  3. Make sure the link to you promotion opens without redirection to the tab. See instructions.    
  4. We will communicate the resolution through Twitter:

Thank you

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