Tutorial: How to use my own domain for the promotion

You can use your own domain (Promotions App Helper) to communicate the promotion.

Using your own domain will allow you to:

  1. Communicate the promotion with your own URL.
  2. Publish the promotion as a microsite with your domain URL.
  3. Users will share the promotion link with your domain.


You can use 1 root domain or 1 subdomain. Examples:

  • Subdomain: www.example.com, app.mydomain.com
  • Root domain: example.com, mydomain.com


NOTE: you can't use a subdomain and a root domain at the same time. Real case: It is not possible to have www.example.com, and example.com, pointing at the same promotion. You must choose one of them.


In the image below you can see an example of a campaign published as a microsite with a URL with its own domain:


A) Step-by-step configuration

The possibility to use your own domain is only available in White Label promotions.


In order to use your own domain, you will need first to take this step:

1. Create an A record in the DNS of the domain, that points to IP address

Note 1: This step must be done outside of the Easypromos administration panel. If you have any doubt about this first step, you should contact with your domain provider or the person who manages DNS services on your domain. 

Note 2: The creation of an A record can take up to 24 hours to take effect.


Once you have created the CNAME record, return to the Easypromos administration panel and follow the steps below:


2. Click on the 'Buzz' section on the left menu and click then on 'Publish as microsite':


3. Insert your domain and verify your DNS set up



NOTE: HTTPS support will be given automatically between 24 hours and 48 hours after you verify the domain.


 4. Create a Facebook application and link it to the promotion.

Follow these steps:

5.1 From the left-hand menu click on 'Integrations' and select 'Facebook'

5.2 Create a Facebook application and insert the ID and Secret. Follow this video tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

5.3 Select the option 'Use this app to connect with Facebook':




After following these 5 steps, you will have completed your configuration.


B) In addition to the microsite, I wish to publish the promotion as an app on my Facebook page


Although you use your promotion as a microsite with your own domain, you can also install the app within your Facebook page so that the promotion can be displayed on this app. These two methods are not exclusive. If you wish so, you should go to Publish > Publish on a Facebook app, and publish by using the 'quick publish' option


IMPORTANT: in case you decide to publish the promotion on Facebook, you should never use the 'advanced publish' option.


Note: If a user shares the promotion being connected within the Facebook app and not within the microsite, your domain URL will not be used on the sharing links. The reason is that Facebook always use HTTPS environment, and this environment does not currently support own domains. 

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