What viral tools does Easypromos provide?

Easypromos takes advantage of all the virality that Facebook offers to make the promotions have the maximum visibility. To do so, both administrators of the promotion and users who take part have different tools to use to make the most of this virality.

As administrator of the promotion, these tools allow to:

  • Publish the promotions in the walls of your fans.
  • Use the links of the promotion in other platforms, totally compatible with other mobile devices.

Additionally, users who enter a contest with Easypromos will also have the following viral tools:

  • Publish the promotions on their walls so that their friends can see them.
  • Spare the promotion in Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
  • Send invitations to their friends via email, an also through instant messaging apps (Whatsapp, Line & Telegram).

For the users who are not participating but they see the promotion, they can also share it:

  • Publish the promotion's main link on their Facebook wall, on Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.
  • Send the promotion's main link by email.
  • Vote for an entry, publish the vote on their wall or other social networks, as well as ask votes for the same entry.
From inviting and sharing buttons, on mobile devices, it also presentsthe following options: sending by email and sharing with instant messaging apps (Whatsapp, Line y Telegram). See here how is showed.
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