How can participants recruit their friends?

On completing the registration form, all participants obtain a unique URL which they can use to invite their friends. This link leads to the promotion’s home page and, by default, incorporates information about the recruiter, enabling the application to update the recruiter counter when the invited user takes part in the promotion.

This is the unique URL that identifies the user:



The participant can use any of the following buttons to invite his or her friends as they all include the recruiting link: 

1. The general “Share” button on the final page (configuring the recruiting content option).



2. The participant can also share his or her participation from the public gallery.



Additionally, when a user accesses the promotion via an invitation URL, tracking cookies are initialized in their browser which stores information about the recruiter for 48 hours. That means that if an individual gains access to the promotion by way of an invitation but does not register straight away, the person has 48 hours to register and still be counted as a recruited user. 

Note: Learn how you will see these options in a mobile device.

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