How can I add a video presentation in my promotion?

In Premium and White Label version of Easypromos there's the opportunity to add a video presentation, which will play in the home screen of the promotion, in the space reserved for the main image.


To add a video presentation you can follow these steps:

1. Connect to the Easypromos dashboard and locate your promotion. Click on the 'Promotion settings' icon:

2. Enter the "Editor" of the promotion: 


3. Go to Pages >Welcome > Contents and click on the icon to insert a video. Write the URL of a Youtube or Vimeo video. If you wish, you can also insert the URL of a Flash video. 


4. If you want you can add a thumbnail image for this video. Click on the icon and upload a 810 x 200px image:


Tip: When users access the Welcome page of the promotion, the main image will be the first think they see. In order to make users click on the image to start playing the video, upload an image which indicates that under the image there's a video. Or, in other words, design an image able to tell the user that a video will start playing.

We offer you some ideas and suggestions for presenting your Facebook page promotions with a video.

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