[Basic Template] Tutorial: Managing the background of the promotion

One of the customization options available with Easypromos Premium and White Label is the chance to configure the background for the promotion. In this article we outline all the aspects to be considered when configuring the background, including how to carry out the configurations, and the different options and specifications available. We also provide a number of informational graphics.


1. Where to configure the background of a promotion

In order to configure the background follow these steps: 

1. Enter the Editor of the promotion:


2. Go to General > Design > Background to edit the background of the promotion.


 Note: Administrators can only upload 1 background for the whole promotion, and this background will be used for all the screens of the promotion:

  • Landing page.
  • Registry form.
  • Thank you page.
  • Entries list + Individual entry page (only if the entries are public).


2. Configuration options available for the background of a promotion

You can configure the following types of backgrounds: 

a) Single solid color

By default, promotions created with Easypromos have white background, but this can be changed to another solid color. You can specify the color of the background in a hexadecimal format in the ‘Background color’ field of the editing form.


b) Border with a repeated image pattern

In this case you can upload a border to be repeated. This image should be uploaded in the “Background image” field of the editing form. You can then specify the type of repetition in the ‘Background tiling’ section. 


c) Single image

You can upload a single customized image as the promotion background. Check point 6 of this tutorial to see the recommended sizes for the image and how to configure the image correctly.


Note: It’s possible to combine a single image with a solid color background. If the promotion’s display area is greater than the size of the single background image, the space remaining will be the configured background color. This option can be used to create gradient effects. 


3. Characteristics of a promotion’s background

When creating a promotion with Easypromos it’s installed inside your Facebook Page’s Easypromos app tab. Facebook tabs provide a maximum width of 810px. With this width the application displays the promotion content in the different screen flows: Home PageEntry Form, Thank You PageList of Entries and Details of Entries. Each of these screens has a width of 810px.

The background is visible behind the display area of the promotion:


4. Use the canvas to make your background stand out

If you want to make your promotion stand out with an attractive background image, and want the image to be displayed in their entirety, by default the destination of the main promotion link takes users to the "microsite". This means that even if you publish the promotion as a tab on a Facebook page, instead of directing the user to the tab (which has a width of 810px) it will take them to the microsite (which occupies all the available space).


To do this, make sure that "Destination of the promotion's main link" is set to "Microsite": 


Check this link to learn more about changing the destination page of the main promotion link.


5. Recommended sizes

If you’re going to use a background image for the promotion, the dimensions of the image depend on whether the background is a border or single image.

If you use a border, you must apply the corresponding repetition, depending on the size of the design pattern that you’re using. We recommend using a standard border image that is smaller than 300x300px.

If you are using a single image, we recommend an image of 2100x1300px.


6. Preview of promotion backgrounds

From the preview section of the promotion you can see how the background will look on the canvas page and the tab page. You can also see how the background will look from different devices:


The promotion backgrounds aren’t visible from mobile devices. Why?

With the aim of maximizing the smaller screen size of smart-phones, promotion backgrounds aren’t displayed in these types of devices.

For this reason we recommend not placing any important information for users in the promotion background. Depending on which type of device is used to connect to the promotion, the background may appear only in part or not at all.

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