How can I customize the default content that is displayed when the link to the promotion is published?

When the link to the promotion is published across the social networks, basic promotion content is shown automatically. This content is made up of:

  • Image
  • Title
  • Description

Here you can see an example of how these are presented in Facebook.


For a greater degree of control of the promotion content that is shared across the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+), the administrator can customize the image, title and description of the publication in the following two ways:


1. At the moment of making the publication.

Once a direct link is posted to the Timeline, the contents that appear by default (title, description and link text) can be modified in order to customize the publication. To do this, it is necessary to paste the URL. Once the information appears, hover the cursor above the content until this is highlighted in yellow. This will allow you to edit the text. In some cases, you can also replace the image to be displayed with the link with one of your choosing:


2. At the moment of setting up the promotion.

In the Premium and White Label versions, the administrator can customize the viral content that is shared. There are various types of viral content that can be customized, depending on the type of mechanism.    

The main viral message to customize is the generic message that is shared by pressing the share buttons on the home page, registration form and participants list. Check all the buttons of generic content, page by page.


To set it up, follow these steps:

1. Access the management page of the promotion and click on “Editor”.


2. Next, go to General > Share > Generic. Here you'll be able to customize the following options:


1. Viral image. This is the image that will be displayed together with the viral message. For an optimal presentation across the social networks, we recommend an image size of 1,200px width and 630px height. If no image is uploaded in this section, the main promotion image will be displayed instead.

2/3. Title and description. These will be shown when the promotion is disseminated on Facebook and Google+. On "sending an email option", they will be the subject and the body suggested by the app on the preset email created.

4. Tweet is the message that will be disseminated via Twitter, and the text that will accompany image and link on Pinterest.

5. Instant messaging apps. You can also personalize the message suggested to be shared with the users' friends via Whatsapp, Line and Telegram.


The option 'What do you want participants to share?' is available in the section Pages > Thank you > Options. You can decide what do you want users to share on the final page of the promotion when they click on the different 'Share' buttons. Discover here the different types of viral content that can be shared.



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