Account - How can I add another administrator to manage the Easypromos promotion?

You’re going to create a promotion or sweepstakes but you’d like other members of your team to also be able to see it and have the chance to manage it?

With the aim of making it easier to manage Easypromos promotions, the Administration Panel provides a collaborating system, which allows to add other users as administrators of the promotions and sweepstakes so they can also see, administer and manage the promotion.


We explain you below how you can add collaborators to the promotion.


How can you add another administrator to the promotion?

If, once the promotion is created, you need other users to be able to manage it, you’ll be able to do so by adding these users as collaborators of the promotion.

Depending on the version of the platform used to create the promotion, there are the following collaborator roles to determine what access permission we want to give the collaborator:

  1. Administrator [Basic, Premium and White Label promotions]: It gives permission to perform all the actions available in the promotion management page, except for the action of deleting the promotion.
  2. Editor [only White Label promotions]: It gives permisson to only edit the promotion, so the user will only have access to the following sections: Editor, Integrations, Publish and Test Mode. The collaborator will not have access to the data of the participating users.
  3. Analyst [only White Label promotions]: It gives permission to only review the list of participants and the statistics. The user will not have access to the other sections of the promotion.


To do this, you can follow these steps:

1. In order to be collaborator of a promotion, the user must have an account with Easypromos. Ask the user you want to add as a collaborator to provide you with his/her Easypromos account ID. Here we explain how to obtain this account ID.

If the user hasn’t signed up yet, he’ll be able to easily create his account by following this link.

2. Access the promotion management page and go to ‘Collaborators’ section on the left-hand menu:



3. Write the Easypromos account ID of the user you want to add as a collaborator of the promotion, and then click on the ‘Add’ button:



4. The user will receive an email to the email address linked to his Easypromos account, and the collaborator will be saved as ‘pending’ until the user validates the email.Collaborators_3.jpg

If the user does not receive the email, they can also accept the invitation from their dashboard.


5. You can add as many collaborators as you need, and in the ‘Collaborators’ section you’ll see a list of all the collaborators of this promotion:



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