The IP address of a user does not correspond to any country

In order to identify the country from which users interact with the platform, Easypromos uses an IP geolocation system. In the list of participants, available from the administration panel, administrators can see the IP address of each user and the corresponding country associated to this IP. A flag is displayed showing the country of each user, as well as the name of the country. This information is also available for the voting users, as well as for the recruited users.

The accuracy to identify the country of connection through the IP geolocation system is 99,8%. However, in some cases it's possible that the country associated to an IP address can not be identified. If it can not be identified, the geolocation system returns the following codes, which we explain below:

  • A1 code: These IP addresses correspond to anonymous proxy services or VPN connections. Users can use these anonymous proxy systems to hide their location.
  • A2 code: These IP addresses correspond to users that connect using satellite connections. 
  • O1 code: These IP addresses correspond to other countries, such as new countries.


Note: The information about the users' IP and the code of the associated country is included in the list of participants, recruited users and voters, which can be downloaded into an Excel file. 

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