Tutorial: User identification

An important decision that the administrator must take when setting up a promotion or contest is to determine which value will be used to uniquely identify participants. In other words, by which value of a user’s participation can the administrator identify and control whether a user has already taken part.

Currently, when setting up an application in Easypromos, we provide three methods of identifying a user:


1. Via an email address

2. Via a Social Login

3. No user identification required (Anonymous participation)


Below we explain how participant identification works with each of these two methods.


1. Via an email address 

This is the identification method that is enabled by default, which allows to ensure that the user can register the same email address once. For this, the ‘Email’ field in the users’ entry form should be enabled so that each user can register a unique email address which can then be used to carry out user identification.

Note: in the case of enabling multiple participations, the user can use the same email address to register each time.

This way, users can register in the promotion by only indicating his Name, Surname and Email, as well as the other data required by the administrator.



1. Via a Social Login

Additionally, you can enable user identification via Social Login, which will allow you to enable identification through Facebook. In this way, when accessing the entry form, users will find the buttons to log in with their Facebook account, which will streamline the process of signing up for the promotion, because the following fields of the registration form will come pre-completed with information from the user’s Facebook account:

  • First name.
  • Lastname.
  • Email (only in case of connecting with Facebook). 

Note: When connecting with Facebook, if it’s their first time interacting with the application, they will also be asked to accept the permissions of the application so that their account can be uniquely identified.

In this way, identification of the user is carried out through Facebook by way of the permissions system. This guarantees that only those users who have a valid Facebook account can register for, and participate in, the promotion.



To enable the Social Login, follow these steps:

1. Access the promotion management page and click on ‘Editor’ to access the setup options:



2. Go to Pages > Form > Social Login, where you'll find the following options: 

  • Enable Social Login? This option allows you to enable the Social Login so that users can identify themselves with their Facebook account to participate in the promotion.
  • Do you want it to be mandatory? This option will allow you to set up the Social Login with Facebook as mandatory to enter the promotion. Users will need to connect with Facebook and accept the app permissions. If you don't select this option, users will be able to enter with no requirement to be connected nor have a Facebook account. If this option is not selected, we recommend you to always ask users' email address in the entry form.
  • Networks: Select which social networks you want to enable so that users can connect. You can select Facebook.



3. No user identification required (Anonymous participation)

On some occasions it’s convenient to enable anonymous registration, particularly when you are more interested in obtaining information and feedback from consumers and users than their sign-up details. When the promotion uses the "Quiz" system, there is the possibility of enabling the anonymous registration, so that users can answer the quiz without ever being shown the registration form.

Learn here step by step how to enable the anonymous participation in your quiz.



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