How can a user be uniquely identified?

The administrator has the following two options for uniquely and unambiguously identifying the participants in a promotion or contest:


1. Requesting Facebook login

In order to be able to participate, the user must log in to Facebook and accept the permissions of the application. To do this, the user should connect their Facebook account at the moment of participation. If it’s their first time interacting with the application, they will also be asked to accept the permissions of the application so that their account can be identified.

In this way, the identification of the user is carried out through Facebook, via the permissions system, and this guarantees that only users with a valid Facebook account can register for, and participate in, the promotion.


2. Requesting the email address in the registration form

In order to participate, it won’t be necessary for the user to be connected via Facebook. In this case, the email field in the users’ registration form must be enabled so that the identification of the user can be carried out via their email address, ensuring that the user can only register a single email address. 

Note: in the case of enabling multiple participations, the user can use the same email address to register for the promotion.

Tip: In the case of not making it compulsory for users to log in via Facebook, we suggest you enable the connection status bar, which permits you to display the ‘Connect now’ button at the top of the promotion screen.


Find out in this tutorial how each of these options works

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