Facebook Integration - How to use your own Facebook Developers application

With Easypromos White Label you can create your own Facebook Developers application and link it to your promotions to achieve an experience that is 100% identified with your brand. This gives you various advantages, such as:

  • Using advanced publication.
  • Using the application itself to ask for Facebook permissions.
  • Accessing the Facebook Insights statistics.


How to link your application to the promotion

The action required depends on your situation:


A) You already have an application created in Facebook Developers

1. Access the promotion administration page and click on "Integrations":



2. Select "Facebook".


3. Set up the following options:

  • Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret: You can copy these IDs from your Facebook app Settings > Basic.


  • If you are creating your own Facebook app to use your own domain to communicate the promotion, you should check the "Use this app to connect with Facebook" option. In case of using your own domain, this option is mandatory to make the Login with Facebook.


4. Finally, click the "Save" button to finish the configuration.


Note: When updating, the platform automatically configures the URLs of the application in Facebook. In particular, the platform will modify the valid domains for the application, the application tab url, the website URL, and the CANVAS URL. If you do not want the application to overwrite these fields, please check the box "I do not want Easypromos to overwrite my Facebook application settings".

B) You don’t have any application created

If you don’t have any application created, follow the steps we explain you below to create your own Facebook app:


1. Access Facebook Developers site.

2. Login into Facebook if you are not logged in yet, then locate the "My Apps" menu and click "Add a New App.

3. A pop-up window will open where you will have to fill in the following two fields:

  • Display name: this is the name of your application. You can change it later if you need it.
  • Contact email: this field will be populated by default with the email associated with your Facebook account, but you can change it if you need it.

Then click on the button "Create App ID". 

4. You will access the control panel of your Facebook app. In the left hand menu, locate the section "Settings > Advanced" and enable the option "Allow API Access to App Settings". Save changes to continue.


5. Then locate the "App Review" section in the left hand menu and activate your application to make it public.

6. Finally, access the "Dashboard" section in the left hand menu, and locate the fields "App ID" and "App Secret", as you will need this data to integration the Facebook app with the promotion.


Follow the instructions in this video to create your own application in Facebook Developers:

How to use the application for permissions management

Upon linking your own Facebook application, you have the opportunity to request Facebook permissions. If this is your intention, you should set it up in the “Facebook” section, within the “Integrations” section. You will find the following options:


1. Use this app to connect with Facebook. Activate this option if you wish to give users the chance to participate by connecting via their Facebook account and accepting the permissions of your own application instead of the application provided by Easypromos by default.

2. Obtain the extended user token. By default, the permissions that are requested are always the basic permissions (public_profile) and the email permission. For these permissions it is not always necessary for your application to pass through the Facebook review process. If you would like to add new permissions, enter them here separated by commas. You can see the list of permissions available in Facebook here.

Note: remember, if you ask for permissions other than public_profile and email, your application will have to be reviewed and authorized by Facebook. More information.


Customize the icons of your application

To upload and/or change the icon of your application, which is displayed when requesting permissions, you should access the Facebook Developers area:

1. Choose the application that interests you:


2. Go to Settings> Basic information in the menu on the left:


3. You'll be able to customize the 1024x1024 pixels App Icon. To upload the image, hover above the enabled checkbox until you see the pencil icon. Click here and a pop-up window will enable you to load the image. Save the changes before leaving the page. This image will be used when showing the application’s permissions request page:

The name that accompanies the permissions icon (in the previous example – "Snow Contest") is the name of the application or “Display name.” When creating the application in Facebook Developers you must have already entered a name. You can modify it at any moment from the “Configuration” section. Save the changes before leaving the page.8.jpg

The image and name of the app used to present the application are not customized here, but rather in the promotion administration panel when you have linked the application with Easypromos. Find out how to customize the app.

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