What does it mean to link to a Facebook Page?

Linking the promotion to a Facebook Page is totally optional and it can be set up later when customizing the app.


In case you decide to link the promotion to a Facebook Page on the creation form, it allows the application to preconfigure some aspects of your promotion in order to make editing and managing it easier:


1. “My Networks” module. This module comes up as a pop-up window when the user is participating (you can decide the moment you want to show it), and it displays the Facebook page information and the 'Like' button. The user can become a fan in just one click. 


2. Facebook Page tags. If you link the promotion to a Facebook Page, a Page tag will be automatically added to the promotion. This will allow you to:

  • Classify the promotion in your list of promotions.
  • Make the promotion visible to all administrators of that Facebook Page, so that if the promotion is being managed by a team, all members of the team will be able to see it and manage it from the start.



3. Promotor Information. The “Created by” option will be set by default, identifying the brand or company responsible for the promotion. It will be displayed at the footer of every screen. It will be created under their name and will link to the Facebook Page. We explain this in more detail here.


Note: all these aspects can always be modified or configured later. It’s just one way of simplifying these settings.


When might it be better for you not to link to a Facebook Page?

  • If you want to carry out a promotion but don’t want to publish it on Facebook, or if you’re not sure about whether to publish it on Facebook or not.
  • If it’s a test promotion and you don’t want to link it to any Facebook page.
  • If it’s a promotion that is not intended to be shared on the social networks, but is instead meant for internal use: linked to an event or webpage, etc. 
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