What are promotions packages

What are promotions packages?

If you plan to run several promotions for your brand or for several clients but it’s not beneficial for you to purchase a monthly or annual plan, we offer the option of buying promotion packages with a discount. We have packages of 5, 10, 15 and 20 promotions available for either Premium or White Label promotions, and each package comes with a discount that goes from 10 to 40%.

When you buy a promotion package we provide you with the same number of activation codes as the number of promotions you have purchased. You then use these activation codes to activate the promotions instead of paying for them individually. These activation codes do not expire, they are single-use and they allow you to activate any type of promotion as long as they have been created in the same version as the promotion package.

The activation codes allow you to activate promotions with a duration of up to two months maximum.

Note: The promotion packages can not be used to activate social media sweepstakes (Facebook Sweepstakes, Instagram Sweepstakes, Twitter Sweepstakes, YouTube Sweepstakes and Pick-a-winner app).

How is the purchasing process of the promotion packages?

The purchase of the promotion packages is done through our website in the Prices > Offers and Deals section where you can see all the available packages.

Here we explain the purchasing process to buy a promotion package:

1. Select the package you want to purchase and click the button “Buy”:


2. Fill in your data in the purchase form.
3. When the form has been sent, you will receive an automatic email with payment instructions. You can pay either with credit card or PayPal through the link that’s included in the email, or through bank transfer to the indicated account number.
4. Once the payment has been done, our administrative team will check the data and they will send you an email with the purchase invoice and the activation codes.

How do you use the activation codes?

Once the promotion is created, from the control panel of the promotion, you can use the activation code to activate it. To do that, you should follow these steps:

1. Click on the green “Activate promotion” button:


2. Underneath the green ‘Purchase order summary’ box, you should see a link that says: “Do you have an activation code?”. Click on this link to use your activation code:


3. The last step is to insert the activation code in the field that appears:


Once you have inserted the code and accepted, your promotion will be activated and that code will be marked as used.

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