Which permissions are asked of users when they connect their account via Facebook?

In the case of setting up a promotion which uses the obligatory Facebook login as the method of identifying participants, when the user access the promotion, the application will request that users connect their Facebook accounts if they are not already logged in. If it’s the first time that they have interacted with the application during the contest, the user should accept the permissions of the application so that the app can then identify the user.


The Facebook permissions which are requested of the user are the following:


1. Public profile (compulsory, can’t be refused)

Giving access to the name, surname, profile photo, username, user ID (account number), sex and age. This information is the same as that which any Facebook user visiting the page of someone who is not a friend would obtain. More detailed information about this permission.


2. Email (optional, the user can refuse)

Giving access to the main email address associated to the user’s Facebook account. The user has the chance to refuse this permission. If the user refuses it, he or she can continue to take part, but must manually enter his or her email address in the entry form. 

Note: Permissions are requested only once from each user. When a user has accepted these permissions, the application won’t ask for them again, unless the user has deleted the application from their account. How to delete an application from a user account.

 In the window where permissions are requested, the terms of use and privacy policy of the Easypromos application are also displayed. The user must accept these in order to proceed. In the privacy policy, Easypromos guarantees the user that: 

EASYPROMOS performs no processing of personal data of users who participate in the promotions that are carried out via our platform, other than that which is strictly necessary for successfully providing our service.

EASYPROMOS guarantees that users’ data will not, under any circumstances, be disclosed to third parties or used for sending advertising, or for any other purpose or use other than the participation of the user in promotions carried out via the EASYPROMOS app.


The advantages to users of participating via their Facebook accounts are:

  • When participating, the user’s basic details (name, surname and email) will already be filled in with his or her Facebook information. This makes the registration process much quicker.
  • If participations are made public, as in a photo contest, they will appear along with the Facebook profile photo and username of each participant, as well as a link to their Facebook profile.

The advantages to the administrator when users participate via their Facebook account are:

  • The user’s unique participation will be controlled by Facebook and email.
  • Participants are identified with a profile photo, their Facebook name and a link to their public Facebook profile.
  • The percentage of real information submitted to the contest is higher because the user is identified via their Facebook account.


For more information about why Facebook applications request permissions from users when they go to connect their account, please check the following the link: http://www.facebook.com/help/187333441316612/ 

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