How to view the results of your promotion with Google Analytics

All the data about the visits and entries for your promotion are registered by Easypromos and are accessible from your Google Analytics account. In order to view this information, you’ll need to enter the UA code of your Analytics account in the promotion settings. Here we explain how to do it.

Once your promotion is set up to collect data in your Google Analytics account, you’ll be able to see the information about visits, entries, etc. of your promotion(s). The data about the pages of your promotions will be displayed as any other data about your website registered with Analytics, and will look very similar to the following image (image located in the section Behavior->Site Content->All Pages):



The explanation of each of these pages is as follows:

  • /landing/id_promo: visits to the promotion landing page.
  • /quiz/id_promo/1: visits to the first question of the quiz. The second question will be displayed with a /2 at the end, the third with a /3 at the end, and so on with the rest of the questions of the quiz.
  • /register/id_promo: visits to the entry form to enter the promotion.
  • /success/id_promo: visits to the thank page. This value will approximately meet the total number of entrants.
  • /entries/id_promo: visit to the list of participants of the promotion. The second page of the participants’ list will be displayed with a /2 at the end, the third with a /3 at the end, and so on with the rest of the pages.
  • /voteme/id_promo/id_user: visits to the entries page of an individual participant of the promotion.
  • /winners/id_promo: visits to the winners’ page of your promotion.
  • /certificate/id_promo: visits to the certificate of validity of the promotion.
  • /not_allowed/id_promo: visits to the promotion with a denied access. Some reasons for the denied access can be the following: the promotion is restricted to a specific country, the promotion has expired, the user is included in an exclusion list, etc.
  • /already_participating/id_promo/id_user: the user is trying to enter the promotion when he has already entered.


In the same way, in the same section but with the information classified by title page, you’ll see the following image:   



Since Google Analytics processes this information as any other data from your website, you can create Goals in order to analyze users and participants funnel in more detail. For example, in the following image you can see the configuration of a Goal with a funnel that records the users’ participation process in a graphic way, as well as the users’ exit points. This is particularly useful in order to study the effectiveness of each of the steps of the promotion. 



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