I have run a prize draw with Easypromos but I can't contact the winners. Can I repeat the prize draw?

The tool to select the winners randomly with Easypromos issues a certificate of validity which guarantees that the prize draw has ben done with the Easypromos application, showing the name of the winners and alternate winners and indicating that the prize draw complies with clause 10.2 of our terms and conditions, where we indicate:

After carrying out the prize draw and once the winners and alternate winners have been obtained, EASYPROMOS will issue a Certificate of Validity, which certifies the method used and the winners and alternate winners that have been obtained by means of this mechanism.
This certificate will only be issued once per each prize draw without being able to do any change and/or modification in this certificate.


This clause is conceived to guarantee the users that the administrator will no longer be able to carry out a second prize draw or change or add winners or alternate winners.
This way, it's not possible to carry out a second random selection with Easypromos. If you need to repeat the prize draw because you haven't been able to contact the winners, you can select the winners randomly through another platform, such as random.org. When you have the names of the new winners, you can use an image to publish the winners using the Easypromos tool. In this occasion, you won't be able to use the Easypromos certificate of validty, since this will not include the name of the new winners.
For more information about the publication of t he winners, check out this link.
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