Tutorial: How to create a Sweepstakes among your Twitter Followers

If you want to carry out a sweepstakes among your followers, follow the steps of this video tutorial. You will be able to select winners radomly and publish them in a winners page to easily communicate them.



What can you see on the video?

00:00 How to enter the Easypromos administration panel and create a sweepstakes

00:30 Set up the sweepstakes' basic options

00:50 Management of users and exclusions

00:57 Decide the number of winners and alternates

01:06 Make a test and carry out the real sweepstakes

01:28 Link to the certificate of validity and customize the winners page

02:02 Sharing the sweepstakes result


Exclusion characteristics

The Twitter sweepstakes tool allows you to exclude users from the list of finalists based on the following options:

  • Exclude blacklisted users. You can add to the blacklist users who use bad practices in order to exclude them from all your sweepstakes, without having to exclude them one by one. 
  • Exclude previous winners. Select this option If you want to avoid that a same user can win more than one sweepstakes.
  • Specific exclusions. If you wan to exclude a user only for a specific sweepstakes because he/she doesn't comply with the sweepstakes rules, you can use the browser to find and exclude him/her manually.


Considerations to take into account

  • It is available for Twitter profiles with a maximum of 75,000 followers.
  • The sweepstakes can only be carried out once, although you can use the "test" tool to check the feature before carrying out the real sweepstakes.
  • The total amount of winners and alternates must be less than 1,000. 
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