Tutorial: How to Pick the Winners of the promotion randomly

Has the participation process of your promotion come to an end? Have you reached the climactic moment of carrying out the sweepstakes to find out who the winners are?

Easypromos offers you a comprehensive tool to help you pick the winners and alternates of a contest or promotion automatically and at random. The tool will also generate a certificate of validity which you can share with users, providing security and transparency to your sweepstakes.

This tutorial will help you get to know all the features of this tool and learn how to get the most out of them.


Note: This tool is available for all promotions created with the Basic, Premium and White Label versions of the platform.

For Facebook sweepstakes, check the tutorial to pick the winners among all users who Like or Comment on a post.

For Twitter sweepstakes, check the tutorial of how to carry out a sweepstakes based on Retweets, and the tutorial of how to carry out a sweepstakes among all your Followers.


General operation

The Sweepstakes Tool enables you to carry out a sweepstakes among all users registered in a contest or promotion. You can either carry out a sweepstakes among all participants or you can specify a particular group of usersbased on a series of criteria which define them, such as their country, time of registration, the social network through which they participated, and so on. The tool includes a multi-sweepstakes mode – for carrying out multiple sweepstakes in a single promotion among different segments of users.

The tool also offers administrators the chance to assign additional participations and exclude specific users or previous winners. Finally, it facilitates the quick and efficient management of winners and alternates.


Below, we go through each of these features, step by step, to ensure you don’t miss a thing.  


STEP 1. Access the Winners Tool

Once the participation period is over and it’s time for you to carry out the final sweepstakes, you should go to the “Winners” option in the Easypromos control panel. 

On this first screen you should decide whether you want your first sweepstakes to choose winners automatically or manually:

  • Automatic winners: the application will select prizewinners automatically and at random after you have applied the filters.
  • Manual winners: you will select prizewinners manually, once you have carried out the sweepstakes via a jury, before a notary, or by popular vote, for example.


STEP 2. Select the winners


A) Manual Winners

If you want to obtain your winners manually, just enter their names in the search engine and then select them as final winners.  


Once you have entered the names of the winners and alternates, you can publish them on the winners page. To do this, follow this tutorial that will guide you through all the steps to customize the template where you present them.


B) Automatic winners

After selecting “Automatic winners” you will gain access to the “View entries” section, where you’ll see the list of participants, which will show you the total number of users and a list of all users registered to the promotion, with detailed information about each entry. Here you have the following options:

  • Export and download all the information to an Excel/CVS file.
  • Change the view of the list to full screen or reduced mode.
  • Locate a specific participant via the search engine.

In addition, the tool will advise you which participations are pending for revision, and you can accept or refuse entries by selecting all users or specifying particular individuals. In this way, you have absolute control over the status of each participation.Pending_entry.jpg

At this point, decide whether you would like to carry out a sweepstakes among all participants, or among a specific segment of users:

  1. Sweepstakes among all participants.
  2. Sweepstakes from a specific segment of users. To do this, you can use the filter tool to define the segment of users you want to create for the draw. For example: users who have participated during a specific timestamp.

1. Sweepstakes among all participants.

All registered users will enter the sweepstakes as finalists, excluding by default the entries marked as 'rejected'.

To make a sweepstakes among all the participants, simply click on the "Select the Winners" button to access the Winners tool:Select_Winners_button.jpg

Then go to Step 3 of this tutorial to continue with the automatic winners selection process.


2. Sweepstakes from a specific segment of users.

This option allows you to define a segment of users according to different criteria and perform a sweepstakes among the segmented users. In order to create the segments you have available the advanced filters, which we explain you below: 

  • Status: Status of participation (accepted, pending or refused).
  • Marked: Entries internally marked with a star or not.
  • Source (level 1, level 2 and level 3): Indicates the source of user participation.
  • Private comment: It shows entries which have a private comment added by the administrator.
  • Platform: Social network through which the user has participated (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).
  • Connection country: Country from which the participant has connected (e.g. you could accept only Spanish users or you could refuse all Spanish users.)
  • Entry date: Accept or refuse participations made before or after a specific date.
  • Votes: Filter by minimum number of votes.
  • Recruits: Filter by minimum number of recruits.
  • Score: Filter by minimum number of points scored on questionnaire.
  • Instant Winner: It shows the users that have been awarded with instant win prizes (if Instant Win is enabled).
  • Language: Indicates the language used by the user when registering for the promotion.
  • Device: Device from which the user has participated (desktop PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android).
  • Requested fields on the form (date of birth, city, etc.).
  • Responses to the quiz.


Beneath these filters you have two more checkboxes:

  • Sort users once they are segmented. You can order them based on when they participated in the promotion (e.g. first to last, or last to first); in order of the most-voted participant; in order of who obtained the most recruits or who scored the most points.
  • Limit the number of participants that you want to view. This could be useful if you only wish to see the five most-voted participants and carry out the sweepstakes among them. Order_filter.jpg 

All these filters will enable you to carry out different kinds of sweepstakes and give away prizes based on the type of winner; the participant’s location; the day or week, and so on.

Check out some of the most common filters you can configure with the platform.

Once you have applied the filters, in the action header select the option "Select the winners from participants" and then click on the "Apply" button.sweepstakes_usered_filter.jpg

Example: In the previous screenshot, a filter has been applied to make a sweepstakes among all users who have obtained a number of votes equal to or greater than 1. In this way, all participants who have not obtained at least 1 vote, will be excluded from the draw.   


STEP 3: Assigning additional participations

On the next screen, you will see a warning box with two options: assign additional entries or continue.Pop_up_additional_entries.jpg

By default, the application will automatically assign each finalist a participation to enter the sweepstakes, but the administrator also has the opportunity to assign a number of additional participations, giving users who meet the requirements more chances to win the sweepstakes.

Establish the number of participations of your choosing, based on:

  • Number of recruits obtained: number of new participants that each user has brought to the promotion.
  • Number of votes obtained: number of votes obtained by the user for their entry (image, video or text).
  • Points scored in the quiz: in trivia type quizzes.Pop_up_additional_entries_2.jpg


STEP 4: Apply the rules of exclusion

On the following page you can apply different rules for exclusion of users to block those you don’t wish to allow to enter the sweepstakes. Specifically, you have the following options at your disposal:

  1. Exclude users from your blacklist: You can create and manage lists of users who you don’t wish to allow to enter your sweepstakes. These users will be able to participate in future promotions, but they will be automatically excluded from your sweepstakes without them knowing.
  2. Exclude previous winners based on:
  • Promotion: if you carry out multiple sweepstakes in a single promotion you can exclude users who have won one of the past sweepstakes.
  • Account: exclude any user who has already won another promotion or sweepstakes that you have carried out from your account.  


STEP 5: Select the number of prizewinners and alternates

Indicate the number of prizewinners you want for your sweepstakes. Add alternates, in case you’re unable to contact one of the winners or need to make a last-minute substitution. The sum of the total number of prizewinners and alternates must always be less than the total number of finalists.

Would you like to know why alternates are so important? In this post we reveal the answer. 



STEP 6: Carry out the sweepstakes

The time has come to carry out the sweepstakes. You can hold a trial test first, but the winners and alternates displayed do not represent a valid result and a certificate of validity won’t be generated. 


Click on the “Ready! Pick the Winners” button to carry out the final sweepstakes. A small pop-up window will open asking you to confirm that you agree to generate a certificate of public validity:


On the following screen you will see the names of the definitive prizewinners and alternates, and you will have the chance to view and download the details of each one. A certificate of validity will be automatically generated for the sweepstakes you have just carried out. This certificate can be displayed on an external screen.




STEP 7. Announcing the winners.

Now you can access the Final Winners Page and share it on your social networks. You can also edit the page by uploading an image and/or changing the title and text. 

To do this, click on the button "Edit and publish the winners page", which you will find at the bottom of the page, and that will take you to the Editor of the winners page so you can customize the template where you will present the result of the sweepstakes:


Learn here how to configure and customize the winners page to publish and announce the result of the sweepstakes.  

Finally, share the results of the sweepstakes with your followers and get in touch with the prizewinners. 


Have you made multiple sweepstakes?

Remember that with the Sweepstakes Platform you can carry out sweepstakes among different segments of users within the same promotion. Click on the “Winners” option if you would like to carry out another sweepstakes by selecting different criteria; for example, if the first sweepstakes was for Twitter users, you could dedicate the second one to Facebook participants.

A screen will appear showing you all the sweepstakes that you have carried out within the promotion, separated into “Automatic winners” and “Manual winners.” Bear in mind that you can only have one sweepstakes active at a time, so until you finish one, you won’t be able to begin a second.

To begin a new sweepstakes, click on the “Make Sweepstakes” button. This will redirect you to the participants list and from here you’ll be able to begin the process as before.  


Note: Do you want to know how to announce the winners of a promotion? Read this tutorial



  • How can I access the sweepstakes of my promotion?

By selecting “Winners” from the options column on the left side of the promotion.

  • How many sweepstakes can I carry out?

In the Premium and White Label versions you can carry out multiple sweepstakes from the same promotion – as many as there are segments of users. In the Basic version, promotion activation includes a single sweepstakes, but if you wish to carry out additional sweepstakes you can purchase them individually for $19, or alternatively, you can take out a Basic monthly subscription for $29 a month). 

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