Tutorial: How to Announce the Winners of a Promotion

Once you have determined the winners of the promotion, whether via the Easypromos sweepstakes platform or by selecting them manually with a jury, the next step is to make the results of the sweepstakes public.

To do this, the platform provides a template which you can use to publish the prizewinners easily, since you'll be able to create a direct access from the homepage of your promotion.


Below we explain how to set up and publish the Winners Page template:


Step 1. Access the Winners Page

Access the administration page of the promotion and click on Editor:


Once in the Editor, go to Edit > Winners Page:



Step 2. Select the template for publishing the winners

Once you are inside the Editor of the Winners Page you can select “What content do you want to display?” from the dropdown menu. Select the template that you wish to use to publish your winners.



There are 3 types of templates from which to choose. We outline these below:


1. Customizable Winners Template

This template can be used to announce the manually-chosen winners of a competition. For example, if you have a jury that will choose the final winner. You have the option of automatically displaying or hiding the winners and alternates by checking the corresponding box.   



2. Redirect to an External Website

This template is used to redirect users to an external website, including a link to a webpage where they can see the winners.



3. Sweepstakes Winners Template

This template enables you to publish the results of the sweepstakes carried out with the Easypromos sweepstakes tool inside the promotion. If you have carried out a number of sweepstakes, the template will enable you to display the list of all the sweepstakes you have carried out.

For each page you can upload your own chosen image and change the title and the description text to suit your preferences. The pages you can customize are as follows:

  • Individual page for each sweepstakes: you can edit a different page for each of the sweepstakes that you have carried out. This will enable you to display the lists of prizewinners and alternates, as well as the certificate of validity for each sweepstakes. Click on the pencil that appears beside each individual sweepstakes on the left in order to edit the corresponding Winners Page.


  • Page with the list of all the sweepstakes carried out. This page will display a list with the different sweepstakes carried out in your promotion. When users click on the “View” option in the Winners Page the individual page of the selected sweepstakes will open. Pagina_todos_sorteos_ENG.jpg


Step 3. Publish the winners 

Once you have decided which of the three template options you would like to display, all you need to do is publish by setting up the option ‘Do you want to publish the winners page?' that you will find at the top of the page. This option will allow you to add a "Winners" button in the promotion template, so that users can visit the winners page, and you'll be able to decide where you want to display this button:

  1. On the menu.
  2. On the menu and on the landing page.


Finally, remember that you can unpublish this page whenever you like. 

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