Can the user upload more than one photo for the contest?

Yes, in Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos you can allow the users to enter the promotion more than once, so users will be able to upload or send more than one picture for the contest. This way, users will be able to enter the promotion as many times as photos they want to upload.

In order to set up this option you can follow these steps:

1 Enter the “Editor” of the promotion:



2. Go to Entry Form > Options, and on the right you'll find the option "Maximum. entries per user". Write here the number of entries you allow per participant, or leave the field blank to allow unlimited entries:



Note: In Basic version of Easypromos users will only be able to enter the promotion once, therefore, they'll be able to upload only one photo for the contest.

In this link you’ll find a detailed guide on how to set this up from scratch.  

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