Can I create a contest in which uploading a photo or video is optional?

Yes if you are creating a text-based contest with phrases, recipes, tips or short stories. In this case you should follow the same steps as you would when creating a photo or video contest. In this link you’ll find a detailed guide on how to set this up from scratch. 

In order to set up the options to add a text field or a photo/video field:

1. Enter the "Editor" of the promotion: 


 1. Then, go to Pages > Entry Form > fields and check the 'Comments field. In this field you should enter a text with instructions to participants for writing their answer, story, tip, phrase, etc. You can enter a maximum of 200 characters. By completing this you'll activate the field where participants are going to enter their answer. This consists of a text field with space for a maximum of 65,000 characters. The field constitutes part of the entry form. You also have the option of limiting the minimum and maximum number of characters allowed.


In addition, you can also activate the "Media" field, if you want to make it a photo contest or a text-based contest with images. Please note that in Basic photo contests if you activate the Media field, it will be mandatory for participants to upload a photo in order to enter the contest.

In Premium and White Label versions of the platform you can set up a text-based contest which gives participants the option of uploading photos or videos. To do this, you should set up the following fields:

  • Label: This is the title that will be displayed on the entry form encouraging users to submit a picture. 
  • Type of media: You have to select the type of material you want to ask users - Only pictures, Only videos, or Either a picture or a video.
  • Make graphic media optional: If you activate this field you will allow participants to optionally upload graphic media. If you do not activate it and configure the previous field asking to upload images or videos, it will become a requirement and the application will not allow to end any participation without uploading the graphic media. 



If you’d like to find out more about the advantages of text-based contests and get please read the following article.

If you need technical support regarding your photo, video and text-based contests, please visit the following section

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