Can users upload their own video files?

Yes, users can take part in a video contest in 3 different ways:

  1. By inserting a link to a Youtube video.
  2. By inserting a link to a Vimeo video.
  3. By uploading their own video file directly from their computer or mobile device.


The option to allow users to upload their own video files works thanks to the option of Video Hosting extension, which has an extra cost of $99 USD.

Enabling this extension also allows you to integrate the contest with your Dropbox account for free; it is so useful to store all the uploaded video files in a Dropbox folder.

In this way, when accessing the registry form users will be able to choose how they wish to participate:


Upon selecting the option to upload a video directly, the user will need to select the video file from his/her computer or mobile device and then he will be informed of the uploading process in the form of a status bar:

1. Uploading. It shows the percentage of video uploaded:


2. Video uploaded successfully. It shows a green bar that indicates than the video has been successfully uploaded: 

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