Will the users' videos be automatically published in the gallery?

Upon uploading a video in the application, the publication in the gallery will depend on the following 2 aspects:

  1. Video moderation. If pre-moderatioion of the entries has been enabled, videos will not be published automatically in the gallery, but the administrator will need to first validate the videos manually. Here we explain you how to enable moderation of entries.
  2. Upload of a video file. If the user has uploaded the video file directly, the video will not be automatically published, since it can take a maximum of 60 minutes to appear in the gallery. This is the time that the application needs in order to process and convert the video to be played in the gallery.

In this last case, upon uploading the video in the application the user will see in the last page of the promotion a message telling him/her that the video is being processed and will be published soon.

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