How to participate in a contest with a photo or video

In photo and video contests (Premium & White Label versions), you can allow users to participate by uploading a photo or a video. So, in this way, on the gallery you will find photos and videos coming from the same promotion.


To set up this option, you must follow these steps:

1. Enter the “Editor” of the promotion:


2. Go to Pages > Entry Form > Form fields. Here click on the “Add element” button and then select “Media Field”. Then you’ll be able to edit the option “Media type” according to the type of media you’ll allow users to upload:

  • Only pictures. The user must upload a picture to participate.
  • Only videos. The user must upload a video to participate.
  • Either a picture or a video. The user must upload a picture or a video to participate.

Note: In the Premium and the White Label version of the platform, you have the possibility to enable the option "Make graphic media optional”, and it will not be mandatory to upload the graphic media to complete the registration process.



If you want that participants can upload their video directly, set up the 'Video Hosting' extension.

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