Where can I inform users about the instructions for use of the coupon or code?

We suggest that you provide the user with instructions on how to redeem the coupon or discount code.

To enter the instructions, follow these steps:

  1. Access the promotion set-up form, go to the “Prizes” section.
  2. Open the prize to edit its settings and then click on the "Winners to message" tab, where you'll find the "Instructions" field where you can enter the instructions on how a user should redeem the code or coupon.



When the user has completed the promotion and accessed the final screen, he/she will see a small link in the lower right side of the screen. Clicking on this link will open the instructions:



The instructions will appear in all formats, irrespective of whether users decide to download it as a PDF or ask for it to be sent to their email address.

Furthermore, this code can be verified at the point of sale via the Validation Portal developed by Easypromos. This ensures that the participant cannot use the same code more than once.

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