What information can I obtain from users who participate via Twitter or Instagram?

As in all Easypromos promotions, at the end of the promo you can download a complete list of contest participants. All those who have participated via Twitter and Instagram will appear in this list. You’ll be able to identify them by the user name (@username) of their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In this way you’ll see the list of promotion participants alongside the photos that the users have sent:

However, these users do not complete the registration form. The only information that the administrator obtains is the user name of their Twitter or Instagram account. The Page administrator cannot obtain any other piece of information from users who have taken part in the contest via Twitter and Instagram because these participants don’t have to enter the Easypromos platform. Instead they link their participation by way of an external platform (Twitter or Instagram).

To obtain more information about these users you can contact them manually or set out a message previously with Twitter or Instagram to carry out one of the following actions:

  1. Invite them to follow your company Instagram profile.
  2. Ask them to complete the contest inscription by filling in the registration form. Create a second simple promotion with a registration form to direct contests via Twitter.
  3. Inform them that they can vote in the gallery. Activate the recovery of the email addresses of voters in order to obtain an extra piece of information.
  4. Invite them to take part in a second promotion of the group. In this way you loyalize them to your promotional actions and you can capture their data.

Note: please keep in mind that links are not allowed in Instagram reply messages. 

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