Guidelines for Instagram hashtags

In order to use the Instagram integration you must follow the following guidelines in order to run your competition.

  • Think about a specific name for your contest and carry out a search to make sure that it hasn’t been used before. This way you can be sure that a user who tags his or her photo with the hashtag really wants to participate in your promotion.
  • Hashtag must be unique and representative for this competition. We recommend to include the name of your brand or the name of one of your products. From June, 1 2016, with the update of the API, it is necessary to include the name of the brand or the product in the hashtag to comply with Instagram guidelines.
  • Try using capital letters to separate the words and make them easier to read and understand. E.g. #PhotoContestEasypromos
  • Remember that the hashtag must be a single word, with no puntuaction, spaces or symbols.
  • About accents in the hashtags: 

- On Twitter: you can decide and communicate a hashtag with accents, but the platform will retrieve all the versions of this hashtag (with and without accent). You should discard the non-valid entries after they have been retrieved to the application.

- On Instagram: the platform will retrieve the identical hashtag you have written in the Instagram integration section. If the hashtag is written with accent, only those posts on Instagram with the accent on the hashtag will be retrieved to the application.


Below we show some examples of promotions that have used hashtags. You’ll see that in some cases the brand name, or a keyword related to the mechanism of the contest, is used.



Once the contest is created with the pre-defined tag you should inform your users of the hashtag they must use to participate in the contest. To do this:

  1. Use the Promotion Description field to announce the hashtag and encourage your fans to take part.
  2. Consider including the hashtag as part of the main image, and as part of any other images used to advertise the promotion.
  3. Include it in all communications you carry out publicizing the contest: via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

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