What are the Instagram rules in order to publish comments?

On this article, we review the main point to take into account when writing comments on Instagram participants posts. 


What are the Instagram rules in order to publish comments?

Instagram encourages unique and personalized comments in the photos or videos posted by the contestants. We recommend you to compose a reply message to thank for their participation and to suggest them to follow your brand profile in that social network. Avoid any kind of commercial or advertising message.

Also, it is necessary to comply with the Instagram guidelines, based on the following points:

1. Comments must be unique and representative of the promotional action.

2. Comments must be written in the voice of the brand posting the comment.

3. The total length of the comment cannot exceed 300 characters.

4. The comment cannot contain more than four hashtags.

5. The comment cannot contain URL links. Warning! Links are not clickable (See below).

6. The comment cannot consist of all capital letters.


If the comment doesn't comply with the Instagram guidelines, Instagram won't publish it.


Can I use links on comments?

External URL links don't work on Instagram. Also, using them can cause the block of your account. Although you can write a URL website on your comment, the link won't be active. 

If you want to encourage Instagram participants to do another action outside this social network, you will direct them without links. For example:

- "Visit our Facebook page and you will be aware of all our promotions".

- “Access to the contest website from the link in the Bio".

Note: the only external link which is clickable is in the Bio of the Instagram profile. 


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