How can I see the friends I have recruited for the contest?

Have you participated in an Easypromos contest and sent invitations to your friends to encourage them to take part too? Below we explain how you can check whether your friends have accepted your invitation and signed up for the contest.

In order to see the friends you’ve recruited you should access the contest again and click on the ‘View entries’ button. You will find this on the main screen of the promotion:


Once you are situated in the participants list you can find your name in the list or, if you prefer, use the search engine that appears in the upper part of the screen:


You should now be able to see which users have accepted your invitation. If the promotion administrator has established a minimum number of friends that can be invited, you will be shown a progress bar:


You will be given the opportunity to recruit more friends easily: 


If you would like to invite more friends to take part, you can read about all the recruiting tools you have at your disposal here.

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