I'm participating in a contest, how can I invite my friends to join the contest?

If you are participating in an Easypromos contest and would like to invite your friends to take part too, below we explain the different tools you have at your disposal for sending invitations to friends so that they sign up for the promotion.


Remember that if you’re participating in a recruiting contest you should invite and encourage as many friends as possible to sign up for the promotion. Once your friends have signed up they will be counted as your recruited users. 

The application itself offers you various mechanisms for making the process of inviting friends to the promotion quick and easy. When you finalize the promotion registration process you will access the final page of the contest where you will see all the options available for inviting friends.


If you have already participated in the contest and you wish to begin recruiting your friends, you can follow these steps:


1. Access the main contest page again and click on the "Enter" button:



2. As you have already signed up, you will access the final page of the promotion where you will see this screen once again:



 In this screen you will see most of the tools available to you for recruiting friends. You have 5 ways of inviting your friends to participate in the promotion:


Sharing the promotion

The final page provides two “sharing” buttons which share the promotion content along with the recruiting link. Any of your friends who take part in the promotion thanks to sharing actions carried out via this option will be counted among your recruited users.



This is how it will look if you share the promotion via Facebook:


This is how it will look via Twitter:


This is how it will look via Pinterest:


This is how it will look via Google+:


How will they know they’ve been invited by you?

Your friends will see in their Timeline that you have participated in the promotion and that they can take part by clicking on the link. By clicking on your publication, they will count as your recruited users:



Share your participation

If the contest also consists in participating with a text, photo or video that is then displayed in a public gallery, a share button will appear in the public gallery. There will be a “View your entry” button in the final page with which take you to the contest gallery and from there you can share your individual entry.




Button from the participations page

Many contests also involve participating with a text, photo or video, which is then displayed in a public gallery. The next share button, which is found in this gallery, also serves to publish your participation along with the unique URL identifying you as a recruiter. 


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