Is it possible to customize the final message for instant winners?

Yes, administrators can define an HTML text and an image of 810x320px width to personalize each of the instant wins specified. In order to do so, you first need to create an instant win moment and then follow the steps we explain here.

Additionally, if you want instant winners to be able to share their message on their social networks, you can do so from the section 'viral content' in order to define what content users can share. Here we explain in detail how to set it up.


How to customize the final message that winners will share on their social networks?

If you want that winners can share their final message on social networks, you can follow the instructions below:


1. Go to Editor > General > Prizes and open the Instant win prize. 

2. Click on the "Message to winner" tab and at the bottom of the page you'll see the 'Viral content':



You will be able to customize the following items:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tweet is the message that will be disseminated via Twitter, and the text that will accompany image and link on Pinterest.
  • Instant messaging apps. You can also personalize the message suggested to be shared with the users' friends via Whatsapp, Line and Telegram.
  • Image that will be used when participants share their final message on social networks. You can upload an image of 1200x630px. It can be the same image used to create the winner message but with the adapted specifications.

Note: The recommendation is to adapt the winner message already customized, but writing the message on the participants' voice.


This is how the viral message will look like once published on Facebook:


2. Set up the final page so that users can share this message. Here we explain how to set it up. 


Note: In case of non-winners, the viral message that will be the generic content. Learn here hot to set it up.

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