Where can I find the list of winners for “Instant Win”?

If you’ve defined multiple participations, once the promotion has started you can access the control panel to see the state of your promotion at any time and check which users have won prizes.

To know which users have won prizes in your promotion via “Instant Win” you should follow these steps:


1. Access the Easypromos Dashboard.

2. Locate the promotion about which you wish to find information.

3. Click on the Settings button, located to the right of the screen:

 4. You will go to the promotion's management page. Click on "Participants" at left-hand menu:


5. This will give you access to the general list of participants, where you'll see the list of users that have registered. From here you'll be able to carry out the following actions:

  • View all the instant winners:


  • View the list of users that have won a specific prize:


  • Download the list of winners by using the actions bar:


If the promotion is still active, meaning that there are still winning moments waiting to be assigned, this list will be updated with each new winner.

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