How should I write the Terms and Conditions of my 'Instant Win' promotion?

In order to write the Terms and conditions of your 'Instant Win' you should take into account the following considerations, which are related to the operation and general functioning of Easypromos 'Instant Win' promotions:

1. Only those users lucky enough to enter during period the administrator has defined as a 'winning time' will win a prize.

2. Administrators can previously define when they wish to give away the prizes: they will be able to specify the exact day and time of each instant win or, if they prefer, they can leave the application to randomly decide when the prizes will be awarded.

3. By default, if no user registers at the winning times, the prize is awarded to the first user who registers. If administrators wish, they can enable void prizes, that is, to leave a prize unawarded if any user registers into the promotion at that instant win moment.


In order to write the terms and conditions of your promotion you can include the following text, which describes the general functioning of 'Instant Win' promotions created with Easypromos:

‘Instant Win’ promotions allow you to give prizes to those users who register for the promotion during certain periods pre-specified by the administrator.

Via a simple form, you, as administrator, can program in advance the exact dates, hours, minutes and seconds you wish to give away the prize, or, if you prefer, you can leave it to the application to randomly decide when the prizes will be awarded.

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