How can users see the number of participations they have left in the promotion?

With the aim of offering a better experience to users who participate in a promotion, the final screen of the promotion – the “Thanks for participating” page – shows a notification area which informs users about the state of their participation.

This summary informs users how many participations they have left in the contest (if the multiple participations option is enabled) and how many attempts they have left. They can also see the history of all their participations in the promotion:



Each time the user accesses the final screen of the promotion, he/she will be able to check the following details:

1. Participations allowed. When dealing with a contest that permits various participations during the course of the promotion, the status bar will show the number of daily participations that are allowed.

2. Participations remaining. In a promotion with multiple participations, the total number of participations remaining will also be shown. In other words, this is the number of opportunities that the user has left to try his/her luck that day.

3. Participation history.  The user can review their participation history, which contains details of the date and time of their participation, and information about whether or not they have been awarded a prize for any of the participations.

4. Prize/s won. If the user has won a prize he'll be able to recover the prize to review its details again.

5. Button with call to action. If the user still has some participations remaining, he or she will find the “Participate again” button which will invite him/her to try again:


In this way, the notification are serves as a visual aid that guides the user during the course of the promotion.

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