Can I know how many times each user has participated?

Yes, “Instant Win” type promotions come with a package of advanced statistics which allow you to obtain information related to the participations of users. So if you have enabled multiple participations you can see how many times each user has participated in the promotion.

1. Go to the Easypromos control panel:

2. Locate your promotion and click on 'Promotion settings':

You can view this information in the “View entries” section of the promotion’s editing form, where you’ll find a general list of participants with information about the number of participations of each. You can also see which users have won prizes: 


Here we explain how to access the list of participants.


In addition, you can check the general statistics of the promotion, where you can also find global statistics such as “Average participation per user”, “Average participation per day”, “Number of unique users”, etc. You can consult statistics from the “Statistics” section of the promotion’s administration panel.


To view the “Instant Win” participation statistics follow these steps: 

1. Access the Easypromos Dashboard:

2. Go to the promotion's management page and then select "Statistics” option from the left menu:


3. This will give you access to the Easypromos statistics module. To see statistics related to the participations of users you should click on the “Instant Winners” section:

Here you can view the following information:

  • Participations per day
  • Participations per user
  • Summary containing a breakdown of the following:
    • Unique users. This indicates the number of participants who have registered in a promotion. Each new registration counts as a unique user.
    • Total number of participations. This indicates the total number of participations made during the promotion.
    • Average of participations per user. This indicates the average of participations made per user.
    • Average of participations per day. This indicates the average of participations per day.

Discover all the statistics that you can obtain about your “Instant Win” promotion.

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