Can I obtain statistics about my “Instant Win” promotion?

How many times a day, on average, have users participated in the promotion? What is the average number of entries per day? What is the average number of entries per user? These and other questions can be answered with the statistics included in the “Instant Win” promotions, enabling you to analyze in much greater detail the impact that the promotion has had on your users, and thus find out the level of engagement that it has achieved.

If, for example, you’ve established multiple participations in your promotion, you can see the average of participations made by each user and discover if the promotion has managed to grab their attention.

In “Instant Win” promotions the Easypromos statistics module contains a package of statistics related to users’ participations in the promotion. It offers the following information:


1. Participations per day. This shows the total number of unique users that have taken part in the promotion per day, as well as the number of participations per day. In the following image you can see that on 6 November a total of 2 unique users registered for the promotion, and, as the promotion enabled multiple participations, users accumulated a total of 11 participations:Instant_Win_Statistics_Participations_per_Day.jpg2. Participations per user. Indicates the number of times users have participated per day. In the following image you can see that 27 users participated twice during the promotion:


3. Summary with a breakdown of the following points:

  • Unique users. Indicates the number of participants who have registered for the promotion. Each new registration counts as a unique user.
  • Total number of participations. Indicates the number of participations made during the whole promotion.
  • Average participations per user. Indicates the average number of participations made per user.
  • Average participations per day. Indicates the average number of participations per day.


For greater convenience, administrators can download an Excel file with a list of all the participations in the promotion. In the list there is a breakdown of all the participations, including the name of every user and the date of their registration in the promotion.

The administrator can also see the participation status of each user who has taken part. From the ‘See participants’ section the administrator can view the participation history of each user. Here you can see how many times the user has participated in the promotion, the time and date of each participation, and whether or not the user has won a prize:


The statistics about “Instant Win” promotions are available in the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.

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