Can I choose to leave some prizes unawarded in my “Instant Win” promotion?

By default, the application ensures that none of the prizes go unawarded. If no user registers for the promotion at the winning moment, then the prize is assigned to whichever user registers first.

However, in the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos it is possible to modify this feature by enabling some prizes to go unawarded. This means that if no user enters the promotion at the right time, the prize will not be awarded to anyone.

Example: the administrator has defined one winning moment at 10h:00m:00s. User A registers at 09h:59m:59s; user B registers at 10h:00m:01s. In this case, the prize would go unawarded.


This can be a useful modification if you have various prizes to give away and one of them is the most valuable. If you’d rather not give this prize away, you can set it up so that the prize is awarded at a time when you think that few people are likely to take part in the promotion – at 4 AM for example. In this way, if no one enters the promotion at this precise time, the prize will remain unawarded.

To activate the option of having unawarded prizes, you should access the Tools > Instant Win section of the promotion's Editor and select the “Enable void prizes” option:


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