Introduction to Easypromos Instant Win

With ‘Instant Win’ promotions you can organize a contest where only those lucky enough to enter during the period defined as a ‘winning moment’ will win a prize. Users will find out right away if they have won any of the prizes, so this type of promotion is specially indicated to give away several prizes immediately. 

Below we explain all the options you should take into account in order to create your 'Instant Win' promotion:


1.  How an ‘Instant Win’ promotion works: general description, available options, and recommendations. In this post, we explain how 'Instant Win' promotions work, what the user experience is like, basic features and advanced options for Premium and White Label promotions, as well as some recommendations and ideas of when to use a promotion of this type.


2. Step by step tutorial to set up an 'Instant Win' promotion. In this post, we explain all the steps you will need to follow in order to set up an 'Instant Win' promotion type, and we explain all the configuration options available you will need to consider.


3. Frequently asked questions about Instant Winners. Here you will find an answer to the majority of frequently asked questions related to 'Instant Win' promotions. 


4. Case study. Here we explain how the brand Rituals organized an 'Instant Win' promotion on their Facebook page.


5. Online DEMO. Try a live DEMO of an 'Instant Win' promotion and see for yourself what the user experience is like and how prizes are assigned instantly. 

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