How can I find out the API of my MailChimp account?

To begin to sync and import promotion participants to your MailChimp account you should first have an active MailChimp account. Upon creating the account, the API will be generated. The API will enable you to carry out the database importation process.

To obtain the API of your MailChimp account, you should follow these steps:


1. Log on to MailChimp and click on your user name from the menu on the left side and then select the “Account” option: 


2. Next, click on the “Extras” menu and select the “API Keys” option:

3. Then, if you don’t yet have an API key, you should create one by clicking on the “Create a Key” button:


4. You’ll now have an API key and you’ll be able to find it whenever you need it in the “API Key” field: 


Note: This is the API key that you’ll need to sync and import the database of your promotion into your MailChimp lists. Here we explain how to import the emails of participants.

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