Tutorial: How to enable participation in a contest via Twitter

All photo, video and writing-based contests offer the chance to enable the participation of users via Twitter. Users can then take part in the contest by posting a tweet with the hashtag that has been pre-defined by the administrator in the administration panel. This tweet will be automatically imported as a new participation in the contest. The option to participate via Twitter will be open to all users who have an active Twitter account.

In this tutorial we explain step by step how to enable user participation via Twitter.

NoteYou will find the list of FAQs about this type of participation in this link.


These are the contents of this tutorial:

1. Access the Twitter Integration
2. Twitter Integration settings
3. Important considerations
4. Practical examples. What is possible and what is not
5. Ideas of how to set up several hashtags and keywords


1. Access to Twitter integration

In order to enable the Twitter Integration, you should follow the steps below:


1. Go to the promotion management page and click on “Integrations”:



2. Here you’ll find all the platforms with which you can integrate your promotion. Click on "Twitter":



2. Twitter Integration Settings

Click on the Twitter image to go to the next screen. Then you should "Enable" this integration in order to activate it. Settings options will then appear.


We explain you below all the different settings options: 


1. Hashtag/s. Add the hashtag that you’ll use and communicate so that Twitter users can submit their photos, videos and comments. You’ll be able to insert a maximum of 3 hashtags. In case of inserting more than 1 hashtag, the system will import any tweet that contains at least 1 of the 3 hashtags. That is: users will be able to use any of the 3 hashtags but they’ll need to use at least one of them.

Use several hashtags to: consider all possible variations of a word or even spelling mistakes and typos made by users when typing the hashtag. Some examples are: #ContestDesign and #ContestDesing or #GrammyContest and #GrammmyContest.

Don’t use several hashtags to: require users to use two hashtags to enter. In order to do so use the keywords instead as we explain you below.

Important: Don’t include the # symbol and make sure you don’t leave any blank spaces.


2. Type of content to import. Choose the type of tweet you wish to import:

a) All types (tweets with and without images)
b) Only images
c) Only videos
d) Images + videos

Learn how to correctly set up the app according to the type of content you want to import.


3. Excluded users. Fill in this field with Twitter users whose content you don’t want to import. For example, it’s a good idea to add the name of the Twitter user who is organizing the contest. If there are any users making inappropriate use of the hashtag you can limit their participation by including them in this field.

4. Only one entry per user. Check this option if you wish to allow a single participation per Twitter user.

5. Exclude retweets. Check this option if you don’t want retweeted images to be published in the contest’s photo gallery. This means that even if a tweet has been retweeted various times by friends of a participant, only the tweet originally tweeted by the participant will be published. This will prevent the user from taking part in the contest with more than one photo.

6. Advanced filter by Keywords. The user will be required to include at least one of the keywords in order for the tweet to import. Keywords allow to set up an additional filter to the hashtag. Leave the field empty if you don’t require an additional filter.

Important: If you set up several keywords, these are excluding. Users will only need to use one of them.

You can insert any word as a keyword, and this includes a @mention to the brand or #hashtags. This will allow you to create contests where users should post a tweet with a mandatory #hashtag and a mandatory @mention to the brand, or a first mandatory #hashtag (set up in the ‘Hashtag’ field), and a second mandatory #hashtag (set up in the ‘Keywords’ field).

Check out some practical examples to see what is possible and what is not.

We also present you with some practical ideas of how to combine #hashtags with keywords.

From the promotion management page you’ll be able to easily filter participants according to the keywords used. 


7. Enable reply message. Check this option if you would like to create an automatic response message to be sent to Twitter users that take part in the contest. You should:

a) Connect your Twitter account. This will be the account from which the auto-response text will be sent.

b) Write the message after “@username” fixed element: the tool will substitute it for the participating user, to activate the answer.


3. Important Considerations

  • When will the system start importing hashtags? The system will start importing tweets from the ‘Start of Registration date’ set up on the application. Therefore, you should check this date before activating the promotion in order to make sure that the system will import the tweets published on Twitter according to the dates you wish.
  • Can I import old hashtags? The system starts importing from the ‘Start of registration date’ set up on the promotion, and once the system has already imported one tweet, the system will never recover older tweets that the last tweet imported. If you would like to add an older tweet, you can include them manually by following these instructions. If you add a second hashtag in the middle of a contest that has already started, tweets already published will not be imported, but the system will only import new tweets.
  • How to set up the promotion in case of publishing a gallery will all imported tweets. The Twitter Integration allows you to decide what type of content you wish to import to the gallery depending on the type of contest. In particular, the system can import tweets with photos, tweets with videos and only-text tweets. Below we show a table containing the combinations that you must bear in mind depending on the type of contest:


Editor – Entry form page - Media field

Twitter Integration

Text-based contest

Activate the “Comments” field by entering a text explaining the action that is to be carried out

Select “All types”

Photo and text-based contest

Activate “Comments field” and “Media field”: “Only pictures”

Select “All types”

Photo contest

Activate "Comments field" and select “Media field”: “Only pictures”

Select “Only images”

Video contest

Activate "Comments field" and select "Media field": "Only videos"

Select "Only videos"

Video and text-based contest

Activate "Comments field" and "Media field": "Only videos"

Select "All types"


4. Practical examples of use

When the Twitter Integration is enabled, the system will search all tweets that contain the hashtag or hashtags se up in the Integration. However, these tweets will finally be imported to the promotion or not depending on the settings of the Integration itself.

In case of setting up at least 1 keyword, in order for the tweets to be imported to the application the tweet must contain the following elements:

  • The Hashtag set up. In case of setting up several hashtags, the tweet must contain at least 1 of them.
  • The Keyword set up. In case of setting up several keywords, the tweet must contain at least 1 of them.

We present you below an example of a Twitter Integration to illustrate these import conditions. In particular, the Integration has been set up with 3 Hashtags and 2 Keywords:

Based on this settings, the system will import tweets like the ones below:

 But it will not import the following tweets, as they don’t include any hashtag (first tweet) nor a keyword (second tweet):


5. Practical Ideas to set up several hashtags and keywords

The additional filter provided by the ‘Keywords’ field allows you to set up advanced options for your contests and have a bigger control about requirements that users will have to follow in order to enter. In this way, users will always be required to use the main hashtag, but you can create new mechanics by combining the hashtag with the use of keywords. We give you some ideas:

  • Ask users to @mention your brand or company on the tweet. This can become an excellent opportunity to increase visibility and exposure for your brand.
  • Co-branding and sponsoring. Are you organizing a contest with another company? Do you have a special sponsor for your event? Take advantage of the ‘Keywords’ filter to ask users to @mention your partner’s brand when tweeting with the hashtag.
  • Category-based contest. Do you want to create a category-based photo competition? Set up the main hashtag for the contest, as well as several hashtags, one for each category. The main hashtag must be unique for your competition. Categories can be generic words, such as: Nature, Gastronomy, etc. This way, in order for the tweet to be imported, it must include the main hashtag and at least one of the categories.
  • 3 different prizes. Do you have 2 or more prizes to give away? Set up a keyword for each prize and let user tweet with the main hashtag plus the keyword of the prize they wish to opt for.
  • Quick survey on Twitter. Do you want to know the opinion of your followers about your brand or services? Users will need to indicate their preferences and opinions by using a specific keyword. All tweets will be imported and from the participants’ list you’ll be able to check their answers in detail for a later analysis.
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