What kind of promotions can I add to the group?

In order to add a promotion to a Group you should take into account the following points:

  • The promotions you want to include in the Group must have been created using the same version as the Group (Premium or White Label).
  • You can mix all the promotion types you want from the Contest, Games, Quizzes and Coupons and codes categories. View all application types
  • If all the promotions you want to include in the Group use the same dynamic, you can simply copy the promotion the times you need it. However, we suggest you don’t copy it until you have the first promotion almost 100% configured. This will save you time setting it up. View tutorial on how to duplicate a promotion. Then you will need to access each promotion to customize it: change the prizes, check the dates (very important!), create and customize the emails, etc. 

Promotions are listed on "Promotions you can add" list:



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