How can I communicate the Promotion group?

A Promotion group will be published from the same moment you create it. Nevertheless, to communicate it you must always use the URL which is compatible with mobile devices.

You will find this URL in the Group's management page, on the left menu, clicking on "Publication".


In this section, you will find the unique URL of the Group's landing page, and the settings to install and publish it on a Facebook tab.  


You can also set up that all the users who participate in the promotions of the Group share the unique URL of the Group instead of the link of the promotion where they have registered. This way you encourage participation in the campaign itself, not only the single promotion.  If you wish to activate this option:

  • Click on "Settings" on the left menu 
  • Find "advanced options" 
  • Activate "Redirect promotions to the landing page of the Group" option



Sharing buttons

The Group can be communicated by using the sharing buttons of the Group's landing page. Learn how you can customize the text and the image of the viral content


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