Tutorial: How to create a Promotion group

The Promotions group allows presenting a collection of promotions or individual contests on the same page to form a single campaign. In this way, users will remain interested in your promotions and actively engaged during the whole campaign. You can use a single link to communicate all the planned promotions to your followers.


What you need to know before you start:

  • Groups can be created in Premium or White Label versions.
  • The promotions you want to include in the Group must be created using the same version as the Group (Premium or White Label).
  • You can mix all the promotion types you want from the Contest, Games, Quizzes and Coupons and Codes categories, as well as the Entry Form Giveaway. View all application types
  • If all the promotions you want to include in the Group use the same dynamic, you can simply copy the promotion the times you need it. However, we suggest you don’t copy it until you have the first promotion almost 100% configured. This will save you time setting it up. View the tutorial on how to duplicate a promotion. Then you will need to access each promotion to customize it: change the prizes, check the dates (very important!), create and customize the emails, etc. 
  • You can activate all the promotions of the Group with a monthly Premium or White Label plan, depending on the version you’ve chosen. You can see a comparison between the two plans here.


How to create a Promotion Group:

To create a Promotion Group you can follow the steps below:


1. Access the Easypromos Control Panel and log in with your email address and password to manage and create your promotions.


2. In the upper menu bar click on 'Utilities' section and then select 'Promotion Groups':


3. Click then on 'Create new group' button:

4. As a first step, write a name for your Group and select the version of the platform you want to use.

Important! You must create the Group in the same version (Premium or White Label) as the promotions.


6. You'll be taken to the Group management page: 


The management page of the group is divided into the following sections:


1. Promotions

From this section, you can manage the promotions that you wish to add to the group, as well as the individual settings of each of the promotions. 

Below we detail all the available options that you can find in this section:


1. Add promotions to the group. Locate the promotion you wish to add in the list 'Promotions you can add', click the arrow on the left and drag and drop the promotion in the 'Promotions of the Group' block. Add to the group as many promotions as you wish.


2. Define the order of the promotions in the group.

3. Remove a promotion from the group.

4. Individual settings of a promotion in the group. Once a promotion is added to the group, new individual settings are available. 


In particular, the following options are allowed (from left to right):

  • Setting up of the promotion within the group. You can edit the text that describes each promotion in the group page, upload a picture adapted to the design of the group page (300 x 245px) and preview what it looks like. The text can include external links.


Note: By default, the Welcome page is shown when you click on a promotion. If you want to change the behavior of this link and go directly to the Entry form page, you can set up this option from the promotion management page. Go to “Publish” section > "Link settings” and choose the page in the “First page” field.



2. General settings of the Group 

On the left menu of the group management page, you will find the 'Settings' option to set up the general settings of the group. You can customize the following aspects:


1. Title. This text will be displayed over the header image of the group.

2. Description. It is displayed below the title and it can be used to describe the campaign or promotional action of the group. It accepts external links.

3. Image. Upload a file that will be displayed in the header of the page group. Its size is 810x360px.

4. Terms and conditions. In this section, you can specify the terms and conditions of the group. You can configure that these terms and conditions apply for all promotions of the group, or specify different terms and conditions for each individual promotion. If you don't write anything in this field, the 'Terms and conditions' button will not be displayed.


6. Select the master promotion. The Master Promotion is the one in the group which will be used as reference. The design properties of the master promotion will be used to set up the design properties of the Group (light/dark style, background, etc.).


Group advanced settings

Additionally, you can also set up some advanced and specific options for the group, as we detail below: 

1. Promotions opening mode. You can decide how you want to open the individual promotion within the group. By default, the promotion will open in a modal window, but you can choose to open the promotion in a new tab of the browser or reload it on the same page. 

2. Redirect promotions to the landing page of the group. Enable this option if you want that when the individual promotions are shared or posted, they redirect to the landing page of the group instead of the landing page of each individual promotion.

3. Viral title and description. You can customize the link and description of the viral message that will be communicated when users use the buttons to share the landing page of the group. If any text is specified here, the title and description by default will be used. 

4. Viral image. You can customize the image that will be displayed in the publication. Recommended size: 1200x630px.

5. Tweet. You can also customize the text that will be displayed when users share the group on Twitter.


7. Custom CSS styles, HTML and Javascript code. Administrators can customize the landing page of the group with this option.

8. Powered by. In the White Label version, you can even customize the footer of the page with your own brand.


Important: Save changes before leaving the 'Settings' menu by clicking the 'Save' button.


3. Preview

If you wish to preview the landing page of the group in different devices to check what it looks like in different screen sizes and resolutions, you can click on this option from the menu on the left. Learn about all the options to preview the landing page of the group.


4. Activation of the promotions

Once the Group has been created and configured, the next step is to activate the promotions included in the Group so that it can be shared with users.

In order to activate the promotion, we recommend purchasing a monthly Premium or White Label plan, depending on the version you’ve chosen. You can see a comparison between the two plans here.

Once you have activated your monthly plan, the next step is to activate each promotion included in the group. To do this, you must access the management page of each individual promotion and click on the green button "Activate promotion". The system will detect that you have an active plan and will automatically activate each promotion:



5. Publication of the Group

Once all the promotions included in the Group are activated, you can start sharing it so that users can participate.

In the "Publication" section you will find all the options to publish and communicate the group of promotions, as well as customize the tab where the group will be published. Here you have the following options available:


1. Obtain the URL of the group, which is compatible with any device. This is the link that you must use in order to communicate the group to your fans and audience.

2. Set up the options to install and publish the tab of the group on Facebook.



5. Embed the Group on your website

You will be able to embed the page of the group on any website or blog in order to give more visibility to the group and attract more users. This option allows users to see the landing page of the group and enter the promotions right there, with no need to leave the website or blog.

The widget is installed by copying the code provided in the "Widgets" section and pasting it on the website or blog where you wish to embed the promotion. You'll be able to adapt the width and height of the widget to fit your website.


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