How does the participants' global ranking of the promotions group work?

When you create a group of promotions you can publish the participants' global ranking, in order to show the score achieved by each participant in all the promotions of the group.

In order to enable the global ranking of the Group, the mandatory Social Login with Facebook must be enabled to participate for each individual quiz. That is, to participate in the promotion, users must necessarily identify themselves with Facebook.

To do so, go to Editor > Pages > Form > Social Login and enable the following options:

  • "Enable Social Login" > "Facebook".
  • "Do you want it to be mandatory?".


Once both options are enabled, you can activate the Global Ranking, which you will find in the same section of Group Options:


If you enable the global ranking for the group a new button will be displayed in the landing page of the group. Upon clicking this button,  users will be able to check their entry in at least one of the promotions of the group.


Important: Enabling global ranking only makes sense if all the promotions of the group include a questionnaire, which allows to assign a score for each question. In this way, the ranking will show the score obtained by the participants of all the promotions in the group.

The ranking orders participants from more to less score.


How can I set up the questionnaires to display the score in the ranking?


In a Quiz questionnaire, each correct answer makes 1 point. Incorrect answers make 0 points. When you activate the 'global ranking' the application will turn each correct answer into points.


You can also indicate how many points you want to give to each correct answer. When enabling the global raking for the group of promotions, the application will score all the points that you have specified in the questionnaire settings of each promotion:



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