I’ve published the Promotion group on my Facebook Page. How do I manage the different Easypromos applications in Facebook?

When you publish a Promotion group on your Facebook Page, it’s possible that the promotions appear in two Easypromos app tabs at the same time:

1. The “Promotions Group” tab.

2. The Easypromos tab of the Group version, with all the active promotions presented in a single column.


To properly manage the different accesses to Group promotions, we recommend you do the following:

1. Publish the Promotion group on your Facebook Page.

2. Order the applications so that the Promotion group is in a prominent position.

3. Unpublish the app where the promotions are displayed individually:

  • Access the page for managing each of the promotions that form part of the Group.
  • Go to the 'Publish' section: groups_11.jpg
  • Click on 'Facebook tab':groups_12.jpg

  • Click on the red button 'Uninstall from Facebook tab': groups_13.jpg


The tab that displays all the group promotions in a single column will automatically disappear from the public view of your Facebook Page. The only tab that will give access to the group will be the one you’ve customized as “Promotion Group.”  


Note: The fact that the individual promotion tab is unpublished does not mean that the promotion will be unpublished or eliminated.


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