Tutorial: How to use the Widget Link to display the promotion on my website

With the Widget Link you’ll be able to display the promotion on any website, blog or microsite to expand the visibility of your promotion and let users register directly from there. The Widget will be placed as a link on a part of the text. By clicking on the link, the promotion will be displayed as a modal box over the page. 

Note: The Widget Link is available for all promotions created with Easypromos.


We show you below an example of how the Widget Link is displayed on a blog post:


This widget is available for all promotions that are created in Easypromos, no matter the version used - Basic, Premium and White Label - and works for any type of promotion or contest.

The user experience will be exactly the same as if they were participating from Facebook or microsite, that is, user will need to accept the application permissions (if participating from Facebook), and they'll be able to vote and share the promotion with their friends.


Once you have created the promotion, in order to add the tab widget in your website you can follow these steps:


1. Acces the Easypromos Dashboard: http://admin.easypromosapp.com

2. Locate the promotion you wish to embed and click on the icon 'Promotion settings':


3. Once in the promotion's management page, select the 'Publish' and select "Widget" option.:



5. Locate the widget “Widget Link” and then you’ll be able to set up the following options:

  • Width and Height: these will define the size of the modal box where the promotion will be displayed, so that you can adjust it to the available space in your website.
  • Title: this will be the text that will link with the modal box of the Widget, so that this will be the text that users will click on in order to open the promotion. Therefore, write this text with a call-to-action, with a text that catches the users’ attention.
  • Open as: Allows you to select to open the widget as a modal window or as a new window.
  • Page: Allows you to select the first page to be loaded in the widget


5. Copy then the iframe code which is the one you’ll need to introduce within the HTML code of your website. 



Check here all the available Widgets with Easypromos. 

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