How to connect promotional codes with instant win prizes

If you want to combine "Instant Win" app with "Promotional codes", now you can set up the promotion in order to offer promotional codes only to those users registering at the same time that an instant win prize is scheduled.

To achieve it, you should create a "Promotional Codes" or an "Instant Win" app, and connect their features by following these actions:

1. Go to Editor > Tools > Coupons and codes and enable the section to load the promotional codes. Follow this step-by-step to create a codeset to load all the codes you want to distribute.  

2. In the same section, activate the "Assign codes" checkbox and choose "Only to instant winners" option. This option will award with a code only those users who register at the same time that an instant win prize is scheduled.



3. Go to Editor > Tools > Instant Win, set up the instant win prizes and indicate that the prize will consist on a promotional code.


Note: If you want to combine Instant Win and Promotional code features, take into account that all instant win prizes will assign promotional codes.


In the promotion final page for winners, the app will inform winners about the prize they've just won and the promotional code will also be displayed:


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