How to connect promotional codes with instant win prizes

If you want to combine "Instant Win" app with "Promotional codes", now you can set up the promotion in order to offer promotional codes only to those users registering at the same time that an instant win prize is scheduled.

To achieve it, you should create a "Promotional Codes" or an "Instant Win" app, and connect their features by following these actions:


Step 1. Create the prize of the promotion

From Editor> General> Prizes, create a new prize with assignment of the "By Instant Win" type and in the prize configuration options, make sure to configure the following two options:

  • Do you want this prize to be a promotional code? Select "Yes, I will upload a list of custom codes".
  • Click on "Create a codeset" so you can upload the list of codes you want to distribute among the winners.

In the following video you will see the whole process in more detail:

Note: From the "Prizes" section you can configure all the properties of the prize, such as the winner message, as well as if you want to present the prize as a downloadable PDF, etc. Check this tutorial to know all the options to customize the prize.


Step 2. Schedule the instant win prizes

Once the prize has been created and customized, go to the Editor> Tools> Instant Win section. Here you must schedule the "instant win" prizes, that is, the date in which you want the prizes you have created in the previous step to be assigned.

To do this, you must follow the steps shown in the following video:


Note: Once all the instant win prizes have been scheduled, check all the configuration options for the Instant win dynamics that you have available.


Thus, on the final page, the application will inform that the prize has been won, and below, the promotional code will be presented:


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